Podcast #028 – How Is What You’re Doing Working For Your Horses?

Horse owners want to do the best for their horses either because of the large investment in their purchase and training / showing or because they are guilty or worried that they are missing something important in their care. The responsibility of providing care has been given by agenda based products as the sole mentors. Wisdom has been lost over time.

The reaction to this is to continually add food and supplements in hope that whatever might be missing is now covered. Yet holes in the nutrition still occur. Worse, the veterinarians and other horse professionals seem unable to offer any help.

When I see across this country the same illnesses and lamenesses increase and worse, see new diseases that were not in the text books in the 1980’s, I have to ask this one question. “How is what we are doing helping our horses?

It’s time to get back to the basics. That is what The Horse’s Advocate is all about. Together we can all help horses thrive in a human world.


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