How Does The Horse Brain Work? – Rounds With Doc T

The horse’s brain has been dissected and analyzed, but how does it work? Behaviorists have looked at how horses use their brains, and trainers have applied their theories for decades. We can read the materials available, from veterinary textbooks to recent comments on social media videos.

Have we found the secret to how horses’ brains think about us, other horses and everything else? Have we overanalyzed things? I’m not sure.  However, after seeing tens of thousands of horses of every breed, sport, and environment, I have recognized a few patterns that I want to discuss.

I will not offer training advice or compete with the various styles of training promoted by the many entrepreneurs who have done this already. This webinar is not a “how-to” seminar. Rather, it is a thought-provoking exercise in understanding a few basic principles I feel work for every horse you come into contact with. It may be more about your brain and how it works because you can’t understand the horse’s brain without understanding it.

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