Podcast #026 – Horsemanship With Daniel Dauphin

Daniel Dauphin is a horseman from Lafayette, Louisiana with a passion for training horses using horsemanship skills he learned from mentors. His website and social media are listed below.

We discuss a variety of topics including what drives us to become better horsemen, how to become a leader and overcome fear and how we connect with horses.

Daniel also used engineering (math and physics) to describe how bits work and has produced a series on this subject available for you to download. Through this series a better understanding can be achieved and a clear perspective on how bits should be used. If you are against the use of a bit in horses that’s OK. This is not about that but what happens if you do use a bit and how you can avoid damage to the horse when you do. Worth the investment.

Daniel also travels throughout the country giving clinics to any discipline and age group. He also analyzes videos of riders with their horses to discover where connections can be improved.

I enjoyed Daniel’s perspective on the relationships we can achieve with our horses without using aggressive tactics but rather through intelligent communications. It was a joy to find a like minded person who works with horses. The point of this of course is to help others understand what we are blessed to do every day – to connect with horses at a deep level to earn trust, confidence and respect. I hope you enjoy this interview as well as I did. Doc T

Video sales page: https://www.dauphinhorsemanship.com/mercantile

Website:  https://www.dauphinhorsemanship.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU7PYYaPkTOE2D5kF7OxdRA

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ddauphin77

email: daniel@dauphinhorsemanship.com


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