Horsemanship Is Leadership – HorseTalk Webinar

January 3, 2016

Horse leads – available anytime a horse is led on this farm. Rope leads are OK for most horses but the leads with chains are used to control fresh horses. The chain is passed either over the nose or through the mouth like a bit. On occasion some people place the chain under the upper lip and over the gums of the upper incisors. This acts like a twitch and immobilizes most horses. You should be trained in the proper techniques of using a chain lead so the horse is not injured.

Here are the key points about horsemanship:

  • There are 10 laws – 4 are physical connections and 6 are mental connections.
  • All are there to develop a 2 way communication.
  • Stop rewarding bad behavior.
  • Start working on yourself.
  • Treat all horses with respect.

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