Slip Stalls

It is rare to find slip stalls (also known as standing stalls), at least in my travels.  These are usually temporary standing stalls for ponies and horses that will be used throughout the day.  At night they are typically turned out or placed in a full stall.

However, many farms only use the slip stall, especially for ponies.  The ponies at the Research Park at Cornell were kept in slip stalls without problems.  They were turned out every day and laid down in the narrow stall at night.

My biggest problem with slip stalls is entering one with a horse in it.  They are always tied to a fastener at the front, and the only entrance is from behind the horse.  As a student, I was responsible for a pony tied to the front of one of the permanent slip stalls in the hospital.  I started my entrance to this one pony by walking up behind her and then alongside her, heading to the front to detach her from her tie.  I didn’t get far.  This pony kicked me hard on the front of my thigh.  I was lucky, but it hurt.  I remember this whenever I need to approach a horse from behind.  And frankly, I wouldn’t say I like slip stalls.

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