Feed By Weight, Not Volume

Horse owners feed by volume, which most call a “scoop.”  This way of measuring is irrational.  If we all decided to pick one size for a “scoop,” would that “scoop” of feathers weigh as much as a “scoop” of rocks?  No.  The density of the two is not the same.  It would take a lot of “scoops” of feathers to weigh the same as 1 “scoop” of rocks.

The same is true when measuring grain.  A volume of oats does not weigh the same as the same volume of corn.  It would take about two volumes of oats to equal 1 volume of corn.  This density difference is why corn got the reputation of being a “hot” grain.  The truth is that if the weight of oats and corn are the same, each produces the same amount of calories.

If you don’t believe this, go to the grocery store’s cereal aisle.  Look at the nutritional information for Cheerios (oats), Corn Flakes (corn) and Wheaties (wheat).  They ALL have the same amount of calories per 1-ounce serving.  The energy of each is compared to each other using the same amount of weight.

If you still insist on feeding grain, then feed by weight and not by volume (scoop).  The reason is that when your vet asks, “How much are you feeding?” you can answer with a weight measurement because a “scoop” on one farm may be twice the size of a “scoop” on another farm.  But a pound (kg) is a pound (kg) on both farms.

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