Waste Vacuums

Waste vacuums

I first heard of a manure vacuum when used in a study about parasite control.  The vacuum used a PTO drive shaft from a tractor.  Since then, a few companies have made gas-powered, self-contained vacuums pulled by any vehicle.

The idea is to place the large-diameter vacuum hose over a pile of horse manure and suck it into a receptacle.  Cleaning paddocks and pastures with a vacuum is efficient and easy.  It often beats a manure fork and dragging a bucket though that works too.

Vacuums seem expensive, but the savings occur in your horse’s health and the pasture’s health.  Used vacuums on the internet reduce the price.  Some have adapted the air intake of a leaf blower to create a manure vacuum.

The secret behind parasite control is to pick up the manure before three days have passed because it takes this long for a larva to develop into a more mature, infective larva. Then, vacuuming (or handpicking with a pitchfork) the paddocks every other day will get these larvae before they become infective.

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