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Vectors are flying insects like stable flies and mosquitos, which annoy our horses and us and carry and distribute diseases.  Birds soil our barn structures, dive at us when we get too close to the nest they have built in the rafters and can carry disease (EPM).  I have only included flying things as pest control (ground animals) is usually offered through professional services (bait stations, ant contraceptives) that are not part of farm systems.

See what others have done.  I did see a farm that used an electronic bird-calling system (not pictured in the gallery).  It was supposed to emit noises of predator birds threatening the birds invading the barn.  While a good idea, the owner admitted it didn’t work.  Also, installing fake owls in the barn is supposed to work, but I don’t think it works that well.  Birds aren’t stupid.

Here is a thought that the lazy horse owner may like.  Cobwebs are great insect control.  Allowing the spiders to keep down the insect population seems to work. Unfortunately, the dirty barn ceiling looks offensive to many barn owners, so this is a challenging idea for them.  But for the owners who are too busy to clean the cobwebs – perfect excuse to continue the lack of effort.

Other ideas:

Fly bait seems to help a lot in fly control.  Spreading it on the floor and in bait stations will knock down the population but not eliminate them all.

Insect spray systems that pump insecticide from nozzles in the ceiling work but fill the air with “barn perfume,” which I don’t like inhaling.  Once a clogged nozzle I was working under dripped the “all-natural” insecticide onto the back of my neck.  In about an hour, I was dizzy and walked like a drunk.  It only stopped this effect after a shower.  Another time I inhaled it while working on a horse breathing out their DMSO (a carrier often given IV to horses for acute inflammation). The DMSO carried the fly spray into my lungs, where I became dizzy and walked drunk again.  This time an hour of fresh air cleared things up.  Question – is inhaling this stuff in a stall day after day healthy for horses?

High-velocity fans seem to be the best fly control.  Horses stand under them and fall asleep. These get my vote as the best vector control during the fly season.

The best fly control EVER!

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