Training Jumps

Jumping horses requires jumps.  The varieties are as many as our imagination.  Most people use two plain “standards,” the vertical parts of the jumps, and then lay a rail between them using cups.  The cups support the rails but allow them to fall off when hit by a horse limb.  Of course, some horses crash into the jump, but these are also sensitive so that a toe touch can derail a jump.

Other jumps have immovable objects such as logs, rock walls and embankments.  These are unforgiving when a bad jump occurs.  People have died or become seriously injured with all kinds of jumps, but this occurs more commonly with these types.

I have seen plain and artistic jumps with images meant to distract horses as an added challenge.  A long time ago, I even saw live chickens inside a coop as a jump, but I don’t think this is allowed anymore.

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