Systems Feeding

Systems to feed horses make life easier for the caretakers, keep the food in one place (efficiency), slow the consumption rate (slow feeders), keep the food from spoiling (weather) or automate the feeding time so horses can have food added at unattended times.

Feeding systems for horses are time-tested, while others are relatively new ideas.  The most common “new” way is slow-feeding hay.  The idea is to stretch out the length of time to consume the portion of hay given.  Slowing the food consumption rate keeps the stomach full, preventing stomach ulcers – or so they think.  In reality, stomach ulcers occur when a horse is exercised (trained) on an empty stomach, AND there is a dysbiosis (see the nutrition section). Therefore, I believe there needs to be a period where little food is available (see my thoughts in the nutrition section).

One day I called the owner of the “Busy Horse Hay Net” because they were falling apart.  He told me that China made his nets for cost benefits. He had no control of the manufacturing process. He couldn’t afford the manufacturing process in the US. So I complained to my client who lives here in my hometown.  She said she is a canvas maker specializing in boat coverings.  She could make a hay net for horses that would last and produce in America. The “Nibble Net” was born.  I readily endorse this product at their website

Most of you know I do not believe horses should be fed grain.  However, we have all seen barns with feeding systems.  This gallery will show you some feeding systems I have seen at farms throughout the country.  The automated systems intrigue me.  Relax and enjoy.

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