Feed Rooms

Feed rooms are specialized areas within the barn used for preparing the food delivered to the horses.  It often doubles as food storage, but the article and images are about organization and preparation.

When a large group of horses is under one roof, organizing is essential because an individual horse may be either medicated or supplemented differently from the others.  Usually, only one person is in charge of this duty but having clear instructions written conspicuously helps avoid confusion.

Clutter should be avoided because tripping over things can cause injury and frustration.  Keeping the “kitchen” clean is essential to pride and efficiency.  Medications that need protection from extreme temperatures require refrigeration or are kept out of bright light need to be protected as directed.  A clean counter helps prepare each serving, and labels on the buckets prevent giving medication to the wrong horse.

Note – I do not believe horses should be fed any grains and almost all supplements. More information about this is found here: The Two Week No-Grain Challenge and here: Nutrition In Horses

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