Bedding – Wood

Wood bedding comes in many materials and forms.  The most common woods used are the softwoods representing the coniferous trees (pines), while the least common are the hardwoods representing the deciduous trees (maple, walnut, etc.).  The formation of the wood bedding includes sawdust, shavings, chips and pellets.  In addition, there is shredded bark.

All wood bedding forms dust that settles on all surfaces that need continual cleaning.  And if it is on the surfaces, it is also in the air the horse breaths.  Sawdust and shavings are popular in the US due to their abundant availability and low cost.  Cleaning these stalls is relatively easy compared to straw and inexpensive.  I would caution working in a stall with fresh wood pellets.  These can become roller bearings causing you to lose balance when working on a moving horse.

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