Podcast #025 – Hormesis, Rapamycin and Horses

All things in life experience an ebb and flow much like the seasons, the loss of leaves of the oak tree, the tides or the birth and death of all living things. What seems to be the challenge for all of us and our horses is not just having a long life but to be healthy through that life. To help us remain healthy, all things go through a period of stress physically. This triggers functions within the cells to clean up and repair damage.

The pieces are coming together in human studies and these data are being found in all animals – and so I assume horses as well. To gain the healthy ebb and flow needed for cell maintenance, beliefs need to be changed. This becomes hard to do when we just want to nurture our horses with continuous access to food. However once the reality of what continuously feeding our horses causes in them, it will become easier to try to adapt what is being proven in science to how we care for our horses.


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