Birth (Parturition)

I loved delivering foals.  It was a miracle and a pleasant challenge for me when they went wrong.  Maybe it was not enjoyable for the mare or the owner, but it was a puzzle I always liked to solve.

Here are the facts.  90 out of 100 deliveries go without a problem.  Of the remaining 10, 9 usually have “elbow lock,” which, with the video I made here, all horse owners can resolve without their vet.

Then there is the 1 in 100 that gets stuck and often causes the foal’s death, the mare’s death, or both. These are why you stay up all night on foal watch and have your vet on speed dial. These are the ones I drove through blinding snowstorms to attend.  I loved delivering foals.

This video is from a vet watching her Jenny deliver her foal.

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