Diarrhea Is Gone (testimony)

Hello Dr. Geoff,
I wanted to give you an update on Patricia and Bartholomew with them being off of grain.

First Bart;
The diarrhea is gone. Stopped by the end of the first day off grain.

His bloat ness is gone. My husband informed me on the 2nd day he was passing a lot of gas.

He looks so much better, he’s getting the brightness back into his eyes.

Yes, he still has an attitude but not as bad. I can see a change in him completely.

I really truly believe that if I did not take your advice I would have lost him. That Bart was getting ready to colic on me. Now that I see the difference in his body condition.

Thank you so much.

Now Patricia;

I stopped the steroids completely for her itching and ears. Her ears are still clearing up and she is not running for the post to scratch on as soon as I let her out in the morning.

She is getting her waist back. She doesn’t look so fat.

Her personality is coming back. I am getting the horse I knew back from when she was in KY.

We are now taking Blue-girl off of grain also. I do not think you have seen her here. She is very heavy and wild-eyed. Almost like the Thoroughbred in the video I watched.

I cannot thank you enough.

I put alfalfa hay in their feed buckets in place of grain. So they don’t feel like they are missing out at feeding time.

When I start Bart on the Whey protein I was going to get alfalfa cubes and soak them and mix them with the Whey protein when I feed.

Once again thank you so much, Dr. Geoff. I will keep you up to date on their changes.

You saved my horses.


Patti Cherveny

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