Cushing’s Disease In Horses – Rounds With Doc T

This month’s rounds will discuss Cushing’s Disease in horses, which will clear up many misunderstandings surrounding what seems to be affecting many horses today.

No, it is not insulin resistance. No, it is not Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS). But, yes, these often occur in conjunction with Cushing’s disease.

Yes, the pituitary gland does enlarge, but is that the cause?

Yes, affected horses won’t shed their hair coats in spring, but all of them grow thick winter coats.

Yes, some affected horses will urinate and drink water a lot, but this is not Cushing’s disease.

Blood tests can confirm the disease but are often inaccurate due to the season. Why?

No one offers why this has become ubiquitous, but I have a thought. And those who have listened and have tried this solution have reported good results.

My goal is to determine the cause and end of Cushing’s Disease in horses.

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