Crimson Feather Farm Diary (testimony)

Grain Free Challenge – Crimson Feather Farm
1) Juniper – TWH – Mare – approximately 6 years old
a. Has shown “cagey” energy in the stall and while being led
b. Pre-challenge weight: taped at 878 lbs (06 Oct 2015)

2) Rose – Morgan – Mare – approximately 6 years old
a. Underweight pre and post-natal
b. Pre-challenge weight: 835 lbs (06 Oct 2015)

3) Sparta – Morgan Cross – Colt – 4 months old
a. Foaled by an underweight mare
b. Suffered from sepsis in right hock after birth
c. Red and white blood cell count reduced compared to test in August
d. Pre-challenge weight: 240lbs and 11hh

26 Oct 2015: Day 1 – Juniper was more anxious than normal. Was “cranky” at the herd.

27 Oct 2015: Day 2 – AM: Both Mares were excessively pawing. PM: Juniper was not as anxious but Rose was desperate to steal Sparta’s feed.

28 Oct 2015: Day 3 – AM: Rose tried to get Sparta’s feed. PM: Juniper was not pawing. Neither mare anxious to get Sparta’s feed.
Rose taped at 835lbs and Sparta taped at 308lbs and 11.1hh.

30 Oct 2015: Day 5 – Juniper is calmer while being led between the corral area and the grazing paddock. Both mares left Sparta alone during feeding time.

03 Nov 2015: Day 9 – Began Sparta on grain-free diet.

05 Nov 2015: Day 11 – All three very calm during feed.

08 Nov 2015: Day 14 – Challenge complete. Juniper is more calm in hand. Noticed difference in fecal deposits.
Rose taped at 863lbs and Juniper taped at 878lbs.

15 Nov 2015: Day 21 – No major changes to note.

16 Nov 2015: Day 22 – Juniper taped at 878 lbs, Rose at 893 lbs and Sparta at 301lbs and 12hh.

17 Nov 2015: Day 23 – Took Juniper for first ride since challenge. No drama while tacking up or getting into saddle.

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