Construction Of Horse Stalls – Rounds With Doc T

Horses confined within a barn are usually kept separate in individual stalls. Therefore, many aspects are required regardless of location, breed, sport or budget. The most important factor is safety.

The size and arrangement of stalls should determine the size of the barn and not the other way around, if possible. Ventilation is critical, lighting is helpful, and electricity and water are convenient. Workflow often is an afterthought, and correcting this is usually impossible. Plan ahead.

Determining stall doors, latches, windows, and flooring can be simple, but designers must consider many choices. Weather will add certain features, and keeping the barn dry through drainage is vital.

This month’s Rounds With Doc T will expose you to possibilities by going through many of the website’s barn and stall interiors topics. Grab your beverage of choice and see what might be possible on your farm.

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