Cheating On The No Grain Diet

I need to come clean with all of you. I have been cheating on the no-grain diet. Please forgive me but I and Melissa have been put into an impossible position.

‘Tis the season where fabulous clients find time to head to their kitchens to make baked treats or stores to deliver them that are irresistible and impossible to turn away. Thankfully the season is short. I’m looking forward to getting back to losing fat and feeling unstoppable by eliminating grains and nightshades from my diet (22 pounds so far).

Still, a big thanks to all of you, with or without holiday treats, for asking us to care for your horse’s dental needs. We look forward to seeing you and your horses again. Also thanks to all of you for doing the best for your horses and being your Horse’s Advocate.

PS – These cookies were made WITHOUT grain (almond flour).  But there was plenty of sugar!


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