Calm In A Barn Of Six (testimony)

Hello there, You asked me to update you on my new feeding program. It has been over 6 weeks – I think. All 5 horses have been on a no-grain diet and the daily plan is:

  • 1 flake alfalfa hay for breakfast
  • 1 pound alfalfa cubes for lunch
  • 1 block Hydration Hay divided between the 5 for dinner
  • Pasture grass outside all night and grass hay all day inside


When they were on grain they would come in in the mornings but they would dawdle before entering their stalls. Sometimes we had to escort them in by walking behind them driving them forward. However, on the new regimen they come straight in with no distractions and no dawdling.

Apollo, the nervous TB gelding that you thought was bitten as a colt so he has an oozing neck that is calcifying, was always jittery and wouldn’t stand still. He now stands and let’s us do things to him without the usual ruckus. Even the farrier commented on how calm Apollo was compared to previous trimming times.

Sioux, the Spotted Saddle Horse that acts stallion-ish  isn’t quite as nippy.

I haven’t noticed any weight changes and everyone looks good.

Thanks for the feeding info it seems to be working, Frankie (+ Galen, Comanche, Benji, Sioux, Apollo)

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