Beau and Renew Gold® (testimony)

Note: This is a 32 year old that had signs of colonic ulcers including constant manure squirts. Taking this old horse off of grain caused him to lose weight so Renew Gold® was added as a source of calories from fat rather than from sugar. She also has him on Succeed® for the ulcers. Now a year later, he is doing well maintaining weight and with no signs of ulcers. ~ Doc T

Hi Dr. Tucker:

I just had a phone conversation with a rep from Renew Gold as you were concerned that I was feeding too much of it. After informing him of Beau’s history since we changed his diet, he told me I have an excellent vet and equine dentist. I informed him that you were one in the same and he thinks he knows you. Anyway, he said that it would be fine to feed 1# in the morning and 1# in the evening and to totally eliminate any other grain. He also said that adding the alfalfa hay to the diet is excellent. Beau is loving it. I have not seen a weight gain in the past few days, but he said I will see the gain and at that time I should cut back on the Renew Gold.

He also said (as you did), that the Renew Gold could help with the summer sores as we need to heal from the inside out. He claimed that the coconut in the Renew Gold is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. His name is Win and he asked me to call him back in three weeks to give him an up-date.

We are continuing with the Succeed also. Please let me know when it arrives. Thank you for all your help with Beau.

Diane Farina

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