AMA March 2, 2023 – Rounds With Doc T

The following questions were submitted (copied and pasted from the Q&A section in Zoom or from emails), along with any posted under this discussion topic (see below in Replies). In addition, there may be subjects I cover that I have heard on my farm calls or topics I have found interesting from podcasts or books I have listened to (brief descriptions listed here).

4 min 0 sec: A question about Pin Firing horses. Veterinarians, mostly race track, use this old technique to increase local inflammation to make the resulting healing of the underlying periosteum (covering of all bones) more aggressive and, therefore, stronger. Few veterinarians perform this anymore due to the appearance of abuse; however, some older vets still believe the treatment is justified and misunderstood.

8 min 15 sec: A discussion of horses with a fever of unknown origin (FUO) and the possible association with aberrant migration of parasite larvae with the stimulus of the increasing amount of spring daylight causing micro peritonitis.

20 min 50 sec: A discussion about dental pain in horses. Remember this: it is not how sharp the teeth are but the horses’ pain threshold.

28 min 18 sec: Veterinary dentists versus lay dentists – what it is about, some history, and some facts. Yes, there is a history that I will walk you through because I was there. Because teeth are hidden, opinions will vary about technique, results and efficacy. Still, the bottom line is that no one is doing any valid and robust scientific research to give us facts about dentistry in horses.

51 min 26 sec: Medications used in equine dentistry. A pet peeve of mine, I relate their use to our ability to create a relationship within our species (dating). Do you want painkillers, or do you just want to get drunk?

55 min 22 sec: A question about hock surgery (plating the hock). This joint of the hind leg is equivalent to our ankle. It comprises 1 very flexible joint and 3 non-flexing joints that absorb rotation. Eliminating movement of these 3 non-flexing joints also eliminates pain due to arthritis.


“Members can watch replays of “Rounds With Doc T” and get more details in the Forums and the AMAs, and can add comments anywhere (discover membership here).”Members can watch replays of “Rounds With Doc T” and get more details in the Forums and the AMAs and can add comments anywhere (discover membership here).

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