AMA February 16, 2023 – Rounds With Doc T

The following questions were submitted (copied and pasted from the Q&A section in Zoom or from emails), along with any posted under this discussion topic (see below in Replies). In addition, there may be subjects I cover that I have heard on my farm calls or topics I have found interesting from podcasts or books I have listened to (brief descriptions listed here).

5 minutes 0 seconds: Theft and slaughter – How can horse owners protect their horses from being stolen or slaughtered on their property? This is an increasing problem in a lawless and hungry society for which I’m not sure there is a good answer.

16 min 50 sec: How much soybean meal can be fed – I discuss if and how much more SBM can be added to a horse’s daily ration above the standard 1 pound per 1200-pound horse per day – and why.

27 min 0 sec: Anhidrosis (non-sweating) – I show a horse in a video in severe distress from being overheated due to not sweating in hot weather. This horse has been on the no-grain diet long enough to start sweating again but is not responding. I start the discussion of the possibility that anhidrosis is a mental disorder in that the brain cannot communicate the high temperature to the sweat glands and that this is caused by metabolic disease of the brain.

42 min 30 sec: Weaving and pacing in a horse – “Doc T, my question for tonight is for our boarder’s horse. What is the best way to stop weaving/pacing in the stall? We have the mare outside as much as possible. She is a PMU horse. Hope you have some suggestions. Thanks!” This question also leads to brain disease, with the possible root cause being metabolic syndrome and mitochondrial dysfunction.

56 min 0 sec: A biting horse – I discuss with a horse owner the reason why her horse keeps biting her while he doesn’t bite anyone else.

59 min 10 sec: Misinformation in horse magazines – I rant about an article stating that all horses need sedation for dentistry.

1 hour 2 min 5 sec: Anxiety and stereotypical behavior –This is a discussion of behaviors in other animals and whether they should be something to worry about.

1 hour 8 min 0 sec: Mental help for a Cushing’s horse – A horse recently diagnosed with Cushing’s disease is being asked to no longer graze on pasture. The owner wants to know how to help their mental state in this scenario.

1 hour 10 min 30 sec: Seasonal testing for Cushing’s – The previous question spanned a discussion of the appropriate testing for Cushing’s disease in the middle of winter.


“Members can watch replays of “Rounds With Doc T” and get more details in the Forums and the AMAs, and can add comments anywhere (discover membership here).”Members can watch replays of “Rounds With Doc T” and get more details in the Forums and the AMAs and can add comments anywhere (discover membership here).

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