Podcast #029 – 75,000 Horses Floated By Hand

The Equine Practice Inc, The Horse's Advocate

After floating 75,000 horses since 1983, I discuss the valuable observations I have observed.

Without funding available to do significant scientific studies involving a broad spectrum of horse breeds with a large number of participants for long periods of time, only observational studies can be used to understand dentistry in horses.

I discuss a variety of issues commonly asked by horse owners and veterinarians. Specifically, myths are evaluated, and theories are offered and also evaluated.

This podcast crosses a dozen or more ideas you have often wondered about the teeth of horses, their care and why it matters. Be sure to go to TheHorsesAdvocate.com for more images and blogs about equine dentistry. While you are there, become a member and join the discussion and ask your questions.

I will take a break from floating to answer. Doc T

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