Horsemanship Nutrition Course

The Horsemanship Dentistry Course is for every horse owner and equine professional…

…who feels that how they are feeding their horses now is not working. They are looking to do what is nutritionally best for their horses but are lost in a sea of misinformation. They just want a simple and effective approach to feeding that brings health and vitality and avoids illness and injury.


  • How do horses digest grain and why was grain introduced into their diet?
  • How does what you feed horses DRASTICALLY impact their behavior and health?
  • What are the long-term health effects for horses on grain-based diets?
  • What is the EXTREME importance of protein and how does the chronic deficiency of protein cause so many health and lameness issues in horses?
  • Is feeding sugar bad? Can it cause disease or other health issues?
  • Why does my horse get gut inflammation from a brand-name commercial feed?
  • What is a lectin and how do they affect horses?
  • Where do horses get their vitamins and minerals?
Horsemanship Nutrition Course


  • Unit 1: Welcome to the Horsemanship Nutrition Course
  • Unit 2: Introduction to the Horsemanship Nutrition Course
  • Unit 3: Grazers and Browsers – Pillar 1
  • Unit 4: The Basics of Sugar, Fat and Proteins – Pillar 2
  • Unit 5: Gut Microbes – Pillar 3
  • Unit 6: Gut Inflammation – Pillar 4
  • Unit 7: Making Energy and Mitochondria – Pillar 5
  • Unit 8: Carbohydrate Dependency – Pillar 6
  • Unit 9: The High Fat Diet – Pillar 7
  • Unit 10: The Importance of Protein – Pillar 8
  • Unit 11: GMO, Pesticides and Fertilizers – Pillar 9
  • Unit 12: Supplements – Pillar 10
  • Unit 13: Lectins – Pillar 11 Unit 13 Lectins – Pillar 11
  • Unit 14: Horsemanship Nutrition Course – Summary

Geoff Tucker DVM

“I Believe Every Horse Owner Will Benefit From Horsemanship Nutrition”

Geoff Tucker DVM

I have designed this course to challenge the way you think about what your horse eats. For many horse owners, it is eye-opening how much nutrition affects every aspect of your horses’ day-to-day life whether they are race horses, show horses, working horses, trail horses or retired horses.

The Horsemanship Nutrition Course will equip you with the knowledge to be confident that your horse is living the best and healthiest life they can. I will guide you step by step in understanding how horses process food differently than humans, what feeding behaviors are beneficial for them vs beneficial for us, and how you can even save yourself A LOT of money at the feed store. You will also honor the horse who has developed their digestive system over millions of years and this will help you advocate for the horse.

What Some Horse Owners Have To Say:

My Biggest Goal is to empower horse owners with the information to better their horses lives. If you truly do not feel that I have lived up to that goal, please also provide me the feedback so I can do better.

 – Geoff Tucker, DVM.