Do Not Reward Bad Behavior

Rewarding bad behavior is the most common mistake people make every day with their horses as well as the other people in their lives. Horsemanship IS leadership, but there can be no leadership if good behavior is not acknowledged and bad behavior is rewarded. It is impossible.
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There are not a lot of pictures here because this is not a visual concept.

Working with other people and horses, I have found that the most common mistake people make is rewarding bad behavior. This is done innocently and with good intentions.

Telling your horse constantly that “It’s OK, it’s alright.” is equivalent to nagging. Learning to say nothing and saying “Good job!” when something is done correctly is a fast track way to connecting with your horse.

This falls under the heading of an extra Irrefutable Law Of Horsemanship because this affects horses in so many different ways based on their personality and your energy level.

You really need to read and understand the 10 Laws of horsemanship. In a nutshell, the order goes like this:

Pay attention. Connect physically. Position yourself for safety.

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