Husbandry topics are items that help the horse owner manage the horses in their care. There are a lot more topics to add, but these will get you started with the basics.
These photos have captions to express any thoughts I have on the picture. The idea here is for YOU to get ideas, so grab a cup of coffee, darken the room, grab a pen and paper to write notes, and sit back and enjoy. I have more shots and I’ll add them later as I have time.

Click on any picture to see it in full size with the captions. Please enjoy and add any questions or comments below.

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Discussion to follow. If you want me to move this up on the schedule, let me know.

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  1. Water at least 50% in volume and 300% in weight when compared every other element we feed our horse…yet few give it second thought, test for trace minerals or toxins that cause laminitis and colic like fluoride. Good topic.

    1. Post

      Water is essential and often overlooked. I am unaware of trace minerals (or lack of) or toxins in water causing laminitis. Many here in FL used carbon filters for the poor quality water. One of the basics of water is to use a clean bucket. Some buckets I see I would not drink out of. Also heated water in the very cold weather helps to increase water consumption.

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