Vibrating Platforms

The Body of the Horse
This section is all about what happens in and on the horse from nose to tail. It is divided into systems.

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  1. Hi Doc, Does this help with any health issue or is it more for relaxing a horse, etc..? Can anyone buy these plates or does the horse need to be hauled to a farm who has one. Just curious 🙂

    1. Post

      These platforms are definitely relaxing for most horses after a brief learning curve. We think that some of them have sharper dental points because they relax their jaw and lick their lips a lot. But this is not consistent.

      There are many people believing that adding a focal point of vibration will loosen or eliminate knots and cords in muscles. I believe this because I use a vibrating ball to apply a focused pulsing therapy on my back around my shoulder blades. My wife and Melissa also have theirs as either a ball or a roller for back spasms. I drop my ball behind my back as I drive pressing myself against the seat with instant relaxing effects on any tight muscles caused by hours of sitting or a strenuous horse.

      If you follow mitochondrial function, there are reports that a vibration resonating at 30 cycles per second will actually benefit struggling cellular mitochondria. Because of this, I often let the vibrations penetrate through my viscera (lungs, heart, guts etc) as well as my neck and base of the skull. After this I seem to sleep more soundly and feel refreshed upon wakening. But them maybe I’m just hoping.

      But vibrating platforms are in a lot of barns that I visit and are sold from a farm here in Wellington, FL. There was one farm that installed a token device and farms in the surrounding areas would purchase tokens for time on the platform. This helped to pay for it. But yes, anyone can purchase them or you can purchase hand held vibrating machines that you can apply focally on the horse.

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