Vector And Bird Control In Barns

Repelling insects and birds are a constant problem in barns.
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Not pictured here are feed through fly control and fly predators.

The feed through insecticide is used by many horse owners and is effective, but I have also seen some horses become sick on it. Many people will not even consider this option.

Curiously, I noticed the fly population on farms using Strongid-C® (the continuous daily dewormer for internal parasites) seemed to be less than on farms not using it. I talked with the manufacturer about this and they said basically “no comment” and added that it would cost millions of dollars to add that claim to their label. If I read between the lines, then they seemed to agree with my observation that the dewormer was killing the fly larvae in the manure.

Everyone using fly predators rave about how well they work – unless the neighbor doesn’t use any control. So in a densely populated area of horse barns, they are not as effective. But in a place with more land between farms, then these work well.

Still in my opinion, high velocity fans are the best fly control as long as the horse can move away from the stream of air if the night gets cool.

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