The Cast Horse

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Some horses lay too close to the side of the stall with their hooves facing the wall. When they try to get up, they can’t get their hooves underneath them. They become stuck – what the horsemen call being “cast.”

When it happens, the barn fills with the sound of hooves flailing against the wall which brings everyone running to the noise. What happens next is important to the safety of the rescuers. This video describes how to safely rescue the worried horse.

Safety is the important thing here. The flying legs of a panicking horse can hurt and even kill you.

The story behind this discovery lies in the tale of Katie, the not even 5 foot tall senior veterinary technician at Cornell’s Small Animal Clinic. One day while I was a student this tiny woman and I were discussing horses as we often did while I cleaned the cages of the dogs and cats in the small animal intensive care unit. It was she who told me about this technique. She was so proud to say that there wasn’t a cast horse she couldn’t correct without any help.

I believed her and couldn’t wait for the next opportunity to try it. She was right and for that, I am so thankful.

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