Stringhalt In Horses

The Body of the Horse
This section is all about what happens in and on the horse from nose to tail. It is divided into systems.

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This condition has occurred in horses over the ages. If your horse is affected, your vet will probably say they don’t know the cause, there is no treatment, and it will get worse. Our hearts go out to these animals not because it is painful (it is NOT), but because it appears so uncomfortable.

What current research is showing is that there may be several causes. These include trauma to the leg, trauma to the spine, developmental disease of the nerves or articular cartilage, degenerative disease of the nerves or articular cartilage, or a toxin (“false dandelion”). When there is more than one possible cause, then the reality is no one knows for sure what the cause is OR there are two or more causes of that show the same signs. Either one is not helpful to the horse or the horse owner.

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