Storage Of Hay, Feed, And Bedding

Storage of organic things requires special handling.
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Organic things like hay, feed, and bedding are things that decay quickly. The result is mold and spoilage which at best is loss of money and at worst is colic for your horse or a fire from mold heat.

In addition, rats and other creatures eat unprotected grain and burrow and nest in hay and bedding. While we all love these little creatures and would never want to hurt them or kick them out of their little cozy homes, their waste (droppings and urine) can contain harmful disease causing bugs. For example, EPM (Equine Protozoal Myelitis) is spread from the droppings of the possum and the brown cow bird which the horse eats.

Storage of organic material is important, but more important is that these are stored correctly, not just a room with a door. But a door is important when you have horses and ponies that should not have grain. Many vet calls start with the owner saying that their pony broke into the feed room (read – someone left the door open) and gorged on the grain. Come quick so she doesn’t founder!

Much cheaper to secure the feed, I’d say.

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