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2021 Schedule Rounds With Doc T


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January – no rounds

February – “Aerobic Exercise And Its Role In Insulin Resistance

The cause of insulin resistance (IR) is discussed from the cellular level and the effect aerobic exercise has in circumventing the blockade of glucose entering the muscle cell.

March – “EOTRH – The Disease Affecting The Incisor Teeth Of Horses

Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis (EOTRH) is a new disease of horses affecting the health of the incisor and canine teeth of all horses. I describe this disease as well as a unique perspective on its cause (autoimmune). I also give observational evidence for a treatment to stop further inflammation and damage.

April – “The Ins And Outs Of Fat

The movement of fat in the form of Free Fatty Acids (FFA’s) and triglycerides (TAG’s) throughout the body passes in and out of the body fat cell freely in a normal and healthy horse. I describe this arrangement and how a continuous supply of glucose in the food triggers insulin and the effect this hormone has in blocking the free flow of fat. This leads to obesity and metabolic syndrome.

May – “Fat And Physics – The Two Causes Of Soft Tissue Injury In Horses

There is an increase in soft tissue injuries in horses (ligaments and tendons). This seminar discusses the role of fat in two ways. The first is fat’s role in inflammation and resorption of proteins needed to maintain structural integrity. The second is the increased weight of the horse from excess body fat. I also discuss several laws of physics directly responsible for the damage seen ti these tissues.

June – “50 Shades Of Red And Black – Just How Do Horses Get Their Chestnut, Paint or Bay Coat?

Understanding how horses look the way they do is based on genetics. I attempt to simplify the view of coat color and patterns in an organized way. While all is not fully known about the complex variations, there is a layering of effects from base color, then base color modification, then base color dilution and finally patterns applied to the overall result.

July – “Trailering Horses – On the Road Again

I trailered horses for a living during my undergraduate and veterinary school days. These were not just the 2 horse bumper hitch trailers but 18 wheel semi trailers and trucks with 13 or more transmission speeds. Maneuvering in tight spaces between tents at show grounds, snow, heat and ice, I have driven in all of it. And I still drive about 60,000 miles a year now. I want to help you all learn the basics and safety of trailering horses.

August – “Horse Fencing, Gates, Maintenance And Safety

There are so many types of fences and fence gates and latches used that I have come across. This will be a discussion of basics that can be applied to make these as safe as possible for horses while keeping maintenance and other costs down.

September – “Feeding The Suckling, Weanling, Growing and Senior Horse

Autumn here in the northern hemisphere is the time foals are weaned from their mothers. Is there a right way to do this? I discuss several of the usual approaches but other than the mare kicking out the foal on her own, none are perfect. Feeding these growing horses also has some problems when done incorrectly including life ending developments.

October – “Preparing Your Horses And Your Farm For Winter Cold Or Summer Heat

Preparing for cold weather is a concern for many horse owners located in areas with temperatures dipping to sub freezing temperatures. Conversely, humidity and heat can also affect horses in serious ways. I have lived in both cold and hot environments and I share what I have learned in this seminar.

November – “Equine Dentistry Seen Through 75,000 Floats

I have floated the teeth of horses since 1983, worked on over 75,000 horse mouths and still am floating teeth every day. I have some thoughts and many of them are similar to what others say….. and many do not. The goal of this seminar is to help owners understand why teeth are important to care for in horses and I will NOT discuss which technique is better.

December – “The Skin Of Horses

We all see the skin and yet we all see the same thing and wonder what to do about it. The first thing to do is correctly identify what we are seeing and then discover the treatment that works. However, I look at this a bit differently. Rather than just look at the lesion, why not look at the underlying cause and treat that?

2022 Schedule Rounds With Doc T


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January 31, 2022 – “Can Horse Owners Believe The Horse Science?

February 28, 202 – “How Does The Horse Brain Work?

March 28, 2022 – “Colic In Horses.”

April 25, 2022 – “Breakdown Of Connective Tissue In Horses.

May 30, 2022 – “Construction Of Horse Stalls.

June 27, 2022 – “Horse Hay – What Is It, Why Feed It And How To Feed It.”

July 25, 2022 – “Antibiotic Use In Horses.”

August 29, 2022 – “Inflammation In Horses.”

SSeptember 26, 2022 – “Horsemanship Is Leadership.”

October 31, 2022 – “Horse Pasture Management.”

November 28, 2022 – “Cushing’s Disease In Horses.”

December 26, 2022 – “A Review Of The No-Grain Challenge In Horses Since 2017.”