Quick Release Knot For Tying Horses

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Every horse owner at some point will tie their horse to something that doesn’t move such as a barn or horse trailer. The advantage is that the horse won’t go anywhere. The disadvantage is that if he is determined, he will pull until he breaks the halter of his neck.

Assuming you are nearby, it is a good idea to tie a knot that you are able to quickly undo when your monster has engaged all four wheels and is pulling back for his life. It is also a great idea that when you do release him, your hand remains on the rope lead so he won’t become a loose horse running down the drive with a lead dangling around his legs.

Watch this video and then practice tying a rope lead correctly to a ring or bar or anything. This example uses a ring mounted to the barn. Yes I know there are other devices that offers a quick release, but I have not seen one with the following advantages:

No equipment or hardware is necessary. This can be used anywhere.

The horse can pull and it will not come undone.

With one hand it can be released even when the horse is pulling back on the knot.

When the horse is released, the rope remains constantly in your hand. The rope never needs to be released to allow it to pass around or through something.

Remember to practice this. The loop of rope goes through (or around) something, then the free end alternates from one side of the connected end to the other then back again.

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