Professional Working Areas Of Horse Barns

Some barns have specific areas for farriers and vets to work in.
These photos have captions to express any thoughts I have on the picture. The idea here is for YOU to get ideas, so grab a cup of coffee, darken the room, grab a pen and paper to write notes, and sit back and enjoy. I have more shots and I’ll add them later as I have time.

Click on any picture to see it in full size with the captions. Please enjoy and add any questions or comments below.

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I worked in upstate New York for 12 years and there is nothing colder than putting on surgical gloves and suturing a would in below freezing temperatures. Nothing. The fingers become numb more rapidly than bare fingers.

Once I was working in Connecticut and it was 14 degrees F outside. I worked in short sleeves and a down vest in a closed door wash rack that had radiant heat built into the concrete floor. I worked all day in comfort.

If you can, you should try to make a safe, clean, and comfortable working area for all the professionals that visit your barn to work. They don’t have to be fancy, but anything just shows your respect for the professional.

In a large working barn, it also keeps the professional activity away from the daily work flow making everyone’s life easier.

Discussion to follow. If you want me to move this up on the schedule, let me know.

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