Lighting In Horse Barns

Lighting is very important in working barns. Spend time and money here when designing your barn.
These photos have captions to express any thoughts I have on the picture. The idea here is for YOU to get ideas, so grab a cup of coffee, darken the room, grab a pen and paper to write notes, and sit back and enjoy. I have more shots and I’ll add them later as I have time.

Click on any picture to see it in full size with the captions. Please enjoy and add any questions or comments below.

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There is only 1 rule here – NEVER install a light fixture in the center of a stall.

  • The horse will at some point hit his head on it.
  • The professional working in the stall must alter his work to account for the fixture in a possibly rearing horse when performing dentistry, stomach tubing or an injection.
  • The light casts shadows an all sides of the horse requiring you to move the horse from one side of the stall to the other to see everything at night check.

Look at the various ways to correctly install lights. Remember to keep the switches handy for the light. Next to the stall is far better than at the end of the barn unless the barn is small.

Discussion to follow. If you want me to move this up on the schedule, let me know.

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