Hematology In Horses – An Introduction

Hematology in horses

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Cardiovascular System In Horses – An Introduction

The cardiovascular system is the plumbing of the body.  This is the system that distributes food, oxygen, communication molecules (hormones), repair and maintenance molecules (enzymes) and defense cells (first responders and police investigators).  It is also responsible for taking out the trash and delivering it to the filters of the body (liver and kidneys) and returning messages from the body’s organs back to the brain or to other organs.  The system is constantly monitored so that the pressure is maintained or increased when the body is needing more materials (exercise, illness), the density is measured (hydration) and the temperature both locally (heat in a limb) or systemically (fever) is adjusted.

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Cardiovascular System In Horses – Thrombosis

The veins of horses normally do not have obstructions but when they become occluded either partially or fully, then the blood flow ceases and they become enlarged. the blockage is usually a blood clot called a thrombosis.

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