Solar Panels


Solar panels are improving their ability to generate electricity and usually require a lot of roof space to become functional.  Barn and arena roofs are large enough to generate the electricity needed to power a farm.  In the future, panels will generate more electricity per exposure area shrinking their footprint and becoming incorporated into the roof covering, improving aesthetics. 

What is missing on the farms I visit are backup battery systems like the one Tesla offers.  As prices come down, I think this will become a viable idea for farms.  The solar panel and battery work well for gate openers, but I’m talking about electricity for the whole farm.  Interestingly, here in the “Sunshine State,” the cost of electricity is so low that it will take 15 years of monthly payments equal to the power bill we are already paying to install the solar and battery system.  I know because I’ve looked into it.  And FL power does not allow us to sell our electricity back to the grid.

Let me know what what is happening in your state.

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