Topic – Farm Fencing – An Introduction

A horse farm requires fencing.  It is often the most expensive part and usually requires a lot of maintenance.  Selecting a type of fence is based on cost, maintenance requirements, availability, safety and aesthetics.  

There are also gates and latches that come in varieties you might be interested in seeing.

Fence safety is important as many horses become injured from either the type of fence (barbed wire) or the poor maintenance (broken boards).

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Topic – Farm Fencing – Gates

The gates used in a fence line on horse farms range from elegant to unsafe, hand made to mass produced and maintained to barely keeping together.

Safety is the key here and is a recurring theme in this subject.  Also ease of opening and closing.

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Topic – Farm Fencing – Latches

From simple to complicated, I have seen a wide variety of fence gate latches.  I boil them down to only two types.  You either operate them with one hand or with two hands.  I prefer the one handed gate latch.

In here I have a simple way to turn a two handed chain into a one handed chain.  So simple and inexpensive, it’s crazy.  Enjoy!

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Topic – Farm Fencing – Safety

Horses don’t normally live behind fences.  They are inherently dangerous for the horse although being born and raised behind one, the young horse learns quickly to respect them.  Yet injury from fencing occurs every day.

There are many styles of fencing and usually the cost of the fence is proportional to the safety it brings to the farm.  But that’s not always the case.  Fencing that is not maintained often becomes the reason for injury.

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Topic – Farm Fencing – Styles

For me, there are only two styles of fences: safe and unsafe. Most fences fall into the unsafe category and over time, a lot of the safe fences become unsafe due to poor maintenance. I will discuss here all the fencing styles I have seen over my 50 years with horses. I may have missed some but you can tell me about it with a comment below.

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