Introduction To Horse Farm Equipment

Every barn has equipment specialized for a job.  There are a lot of pieces and here are just a few.  I suppose I could add another bunch here such as different types of pitch forks but this will need to wait for a while.  It is just too personal a choice and the variety is too many.

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Horse Barn Floor Sweepers And Blowers

I have one image and a video of one type of electric floor sweeper. I keep missing the opportunity to view and capture images of the others. In my barns floor sweepers have always been humans with brooms…

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Horse Blanket Racks

Blankets have become a big part of horse life today.  From fly sheets to coolers to turn out rugs, blankets come in all styles, purposes and sizes.  It is rare that a horse only has one blanket and if one is not on a horse then it will be hanging on a rack, folded and stored or piled in the corner of the barn.  For those organized and wanting a clean barn, the images in this gallery are for you.  I love the ingenious blanket rack that is also a blanket dryer (unfortunately not pictured).

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Horse Salt And Mineral Dispensers

Here are some images of ways to dispense salt and minerals that I have seen on many farms.  Personally I use a mined salt block on the ground or having someway on a wall.  I also believe that many minerals are found in the well water.  See the nutrition section.

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Horse Water Buckets

There are so many types of buckets to put water into and this gallery shows you some.  Believe it or not, buckets for water and other materials have caused damage to horses when handles are exposed and the horse is spooked.  Torn eyelids is the most common incident (see “Water bucker safety”).

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