Topic – Barn Storage – An Introduction

There never is enough storage on a farm.

Storage areas are needed to protect equipment and supplies.  Here are some I have come across.  Most are standard and represent the concept but some are fairly unique in the way they are made.

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Topic – Barn Storage – Barn Loft

Many barns utilize the space just below the roof and above the stalls (the loft) for storing things.  Where the temperatures are moderate, lofts are usually large with room for large amounts of hay.  Where the temperatures are very high, there are no lofts or only partial lofts as this space is used for ventilation.  In other words a ceiling is not covering the stalls.  Further, any hay stored in a barn loft where temperatures exceed 100 F (38C) for most of the year will bake out the nutrients of the hay as well as possibly start a fire or cause spoilage.

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Topic – Barn Storage – Equipment And Trailer

A place to keep equipment and trailers from exposure to weather is necessary on any farm.  This protection from the elements will extend the working life and your investment in these things will be extended in time.  Just as important is the organization of these away from horses because on any farm, there is potential for a horse to get loose and exposed equipment would pose danger to them.

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Topic – Barn Storage – Feed And Bedding

Storing food and bedding should give protection from weather and be efficient to access for use.  These things are accessed daily and have turnover on a consistent basis.  They also create a lot of dust and dirt so this access should be limited to specific times and be isolated from the horse living areas or where people are working throughout the day.

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