Heating And Cooling Horse Barns

Ventilation is important, but in some climates, heating and cooling can make life bearable.
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Believe it or not, most horses do well in the cold if they are healthy and they can get out of the wind. 15 degrees below zero F and my horse would stand comfortably just inside the wind break.

Down here in Florida on the other hand, horses need a break from the heat. But with non-sweating horses (common in the tropics and sub tropics), it is life saving to keep cool. One non-sweating horse I was asked to see was invisible to me on the farm unless you looked at the pond and saw, like a swimming alligator, just his nose, face, eyes, and ears above water.

And high velocity fans are the best way to keep flies away. Be sure to check out the ventilation page.

Here are some interesting ways people have found to keep things warm and cool including sprinklers on the barn roof outside of Orlando, FL.

Discussion to follow. If you want me to move this up on the schedule, let me know.

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