Footings And Foundations

Depending on the construction style of the barn, footings and foundations become important.
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Most barns are pole barns which have no foundation or footings for the barn to rest on. CBS barns include the foundation with their walls.

Where I have seen a problem with foundations of barns is when the cement encroaches into the living space of the stall. Sometimes this space is 6 inches or more.

In one instance, it was also as high as the mid cannon of the horse I was working on. As the horse I was working on went backwards, the sharp cement edge cut through his skin. I was embarrassed because in the dark I had not seen this, but there was also nowhere else in this barn where the foundation didn’t affect at least 1 wall of the stall.

This mistake is common in buildings that are built for another purpose and converted into a barn. Another common mistake here is when an equipment shed is converted and the sheet metal siding stops a few inches above the ground. In time, the dirt lowers from underneath the edge, the horse gets his leg under the sheet metal and a disaster occurs that often ends the lift of the horse.

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