Caudal Heel Pain In Horses – a HorseTalk™ Webcast

April 3, 2016

Horse A – RF 6 months after changing farrier. There is more that need to be done, but note the shortened toe and the rounded toe. This horse was much more comfortable standing as seen by him standing equally over his front hooves compared to 6 months earlier.


Here are the KEY POINTS about navicular syndrome in horses:

  • The current term is “Caudal Heel Pain” because of the many different causes but 1 area affected.
  • A lot of research has gone into accurately diagnosing the origin of caudal heel pain.
  • The overall root of caudal heel pain can be associated with a steep pastern angle and a low heel / long toe hoof.
  • Understanding the vector forces on the hoof is not complicated and can help in understanding how to prevent caudal heel pain.
  • Prevention is important because once a horse develops caudal heel pain, it usually is degenerative and a lifetime of pain.

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