Blogs and Musings of Geoff Tucker DVM, affectionally known as Doc T. 

I have organized my various blogs over the years into 4 basic categories to make it a bit easier to find the subject you are looking for. They are in alphabetical order. You can also find them individually in the “related Materials” tab of their specific topics.


I have a lot to say about horse dentistry because I have worked on a lot of them and seen so many things. With this experience comes different perspectives.


Why isn’t the way we feed our horses working? They are sick and lame. I explore all aspects of food from raw materials down to the electron within the cell.

Law extras_Bad behavior


Horsemanship is leadership. But who here is a good leader? Discover how you can gain the skills needed to connect with your horses.

Travels With Doc T

The subject matter is not specific to any topic on this site but are more a combination of stories, observations, book reviews and philosophy. Enjoy