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Straw bedding comes fro the byproduct of grain harvesting. Common grains used for straw bedding are wheat, oat, rye and others.
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Wheat can be dusty. Oat straw is often eaten by horses without hay. Rye straw can have a fungus (ergot) that can abort pregnant mares.

Wheat straw is what I started my career with and I like it because of the “Pamper Effect.” What this means is that any urine immediately goes through the straw and is absorbed into the ground leaving a dry layer for the horse to lay on. It is the main reason mares with foals are bedded on straw.

The chief complaint of people about straw is that it is hard to clean. From my point of view, after years of cleaning stalls with straw, it is easier than shavings. However, the cost of straw and the ability to purchase good quality straw are the factors behind us using wood shavings for bedding.

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