Amputation In Horses

Amputation of limbs are very rare in horses because the weight of the horse stresses the remaining limbs to failure. Molly is light enough plus her fortitude is driven by a higher mission.
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Successful amputations are very rare in horses. This is Molly who was caught in Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, LA. A dog attacked her and the damage was too sever to save the leg.

Surgeons at LSU veterinary school devised a prosthetic for her leg. The owner also devised a sling to support her so she could remain standing while keeping the pressure sore from occurring on the stump end of her amputated leg.

The reason a prosthetic or even no prosthetic is unsuccessful in horses is their weight. Because Molly is a small pony, through the intermittent use of the prosthetic and the sling, she can lead a good life. And what a good life it is.

She is brought to humans, young and old, to give them hope with their limb loss. She is very aware of her purpose in life and has been known not to load up at the end of a visit because she has known a person was missed. When let go, she finds the shy person and spends a moment with them and only then will she return to the trailer and walk into it for the ride home.

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